Why are group fitness classes so effective?

January 11, 2020

Group fitness classes and programs develop strong communities of likeminded individuals and facilitate an environment that encourages healthy lifestyles.


A community of individuals, in group fitness class settings, are special and unique, although there is diversity in age, gender, orientation, fitness levels, etc. there is a common goal of health and fitness. There is an opportunity to become part of a group that supports and serves each other, regardless of demographics. Community supports accountability and a chance to build friendships, relationships and bonds in an environment that is conducive to reaching fitness goals. These are powerful and effective.

In our community, people show up, they work hard individually and it does not matter how “fit” or “unfit” they are, the goals and efforts put forth are the same. Maybe a person ran for the first time or jumped on a box, maybe they did a muscle-up or handstand walked across the floor, or maybe they stepped foot into the gym and did the best they could on a day that they didn’t want to be there. None of this matters because being part of a community creates an uplifting and encouraging environment. We clap for the fastest, the slowest, the one who struggles to get out of bed and the one who works out twice a day, we clap because each person is doing their best and we are in this life together – this is why communities matter – they matter because being in something together is always better than being in something alone.

We have been blessed to be part of an amazing community over the last 10+ years, our member retention rates are incredible because of community and because people need support, they need a safe place and an outlet, they need to be part of something that provides a healthy environment and a place where vulnerability and humility are appreciated, respected and encouraged. Our community understands the importance of persistence and success, but knows the struggles of failure and the ebbs and flows that is life. With all things considered, we are a group of likeminded individuals with a diverse demographic of individuals, who support all lifestyles, fitness levels and limitations.


Fact: Individuals who focus on a healthy lifestyle are more likely to take less days off work, have more energy to function at greater capacities, feel less stress, spend less on medical expenses and sleep better, to name a few.

Fact: There will be good days and bad days not matter how healthy an individual is, but with a strong community and healthy lifestyle, these days will be minimized and easier to manage when they arise.

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey


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