Why a proper warm up is necessary!

October 24, 2019

It is imperative to optimize your time in the gym, for the best results, a proper warm is necessary for a quality workout!

The hour starts with getting an adequate warm-up. A proper warmup will increase your body temperature and heart rate so that your muscles are well supplied with oxygen, this also improves muscle elasticity and therefore, decreases the potential for injury.

Everything should be done with intent. If you’re working with a PVC Pipe, for example, use that time to perfect positioning and be completely engaged – this will be challenging, if you allow it to be. The purpose is two fold: 1. To review the lift and 2. To warm up each position of the lift. Take advantage of the opportunity to get warm! Each piece of your warm up should be used to prime your body for your workout and prepare you for your forthcoming stimulus.

Increasing your heart rate slowly and in warm ups will minimize the amount of stress you heart. If your heart rate spikes for the first time in your workout; you will feel fatigued very quickly also known as “gassed.” As an analogy, consider your body as a vehicle, you wouldn’t want to turn your car on and punch the gas, especially in a cold environment. Allow your body time to warm-up so you can perform optimally and punch the gas when it is appropriate.

This being said, sometimes it is a good idea to come 5-10min early, most of us do anyways, and start an early warm up (ex: jog, ride the bike, row…get your body moving). It isn’t absolutely necessary, but it can be very helpful, especially for colder days, or days you feel “tight” or “sore!” Our workouts have planned warm ups, but it won’t hurt to get an extra few minutes in.


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