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Our coaches will design a program specific to your needs, lifestyle, and current fitness level. You will receive daily accountability, access to your coach for assistance, scaling options, and motivation.

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Remote Personal Coaching

To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Personalized Exercise Program

Personalized Exercise Program

Lifestyle + Nutrition Program

Lifestyle + Nutrition Program

Nearly 24-hour Access

Nearly 24-hour Access

Accountability Conference Calls

Accountability Conference Calls

Lifelong Success Plan

Lifelong Success Plan

Our Programs Are

100% Individually Designed

Resolution Coaching is Perfect if:

Resolution CrossFit Remote Coaching Resolution CrossFit Remote Coaching Resolution CrossFit Remote Coaching

How It Works

What To Expect From Our Program


Meet Your Coach On a Video Call

This 30-60 minute video meeting gives you a chance to get to know your coach and for your coach to get to know you. During your consultation, your coach will discuss your goals, training experience, and lifestyle habits to begin the process of creating a program designed for YOU to reach your full fitness potential. You and your coach will meet for ongoing monthly or twice monthly video consultations.


Complete Our Movement Assessment

To get started, you’ll do an assessment, you’ll perform a variety of movement tests to identify your current skill level as well as establish your baseline level of strength and endurance. As you progress in your training, you and your coach will revisit your assessments, monitor progress, and ensure that you are constantly moving forward.


Start Your Training

You will receive a daily email with your personalized workout specific to your goals. Your coach will provide detailed notes and instructions for your workout. At the end of each training session you will update your coach with your stats and receive feedback. Your coach will use this data for workout programming and to guide your monthly consults.


Refine Your Training, Lifestyle & Nutrition

The best coaching partnerships don’t stop when you step off the gym floor. Your coach will assess your nutrition habits and hold you accountable to the best nutrition plan for your goals. Resolution Fitness is invested in you as a person, not just an athlete. Your coach will find ways for you to treat your mind and body better, so that your performance is optimal. Guiding you through the good, the bad, and the ugly times in life, your coach will help you stay true to who you are and what you want to achieve in and out of the gym.


Reach Your Goals

You’ll have a continuous conversation with your coach, with anytime messaging and monthly video calls. Your coach is always here when you need them. Your Resolution Fitness coach is with you for the long game and will help you navigate goal achievement with that perspective.


Remote Coaching Plans

Success At All Levels

All In


  • 60 minute conference call to get you started!

  • Up to 8 workouts per week Warm up, skill work, strength, workout, cool down, recovery workouts, off day or non training day protocol

  • Nutrition coaching We design every meal to meet your needs!

  • 24/7 access to your coach

  • Weekly virtual meetings

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