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There is no better way to say thank you to those you care about most in your life than to give them the gift of health.

This week is about letting our members show off all their earned fitness! This is a great opportunity for your friend or family member to begin their fitness journey, be the one to offer a supportive nudge, it is likely all they need to get on the fitness train. Now is your chance!

We will provide an amazing experience for every person, regardless of their current fitness level. We will do this using world class coaching in a facility that has every tool necessary for success! Resolution CrossFit is a place many of us call home, a happy place where one can let go of daily stresses, share this experience with your “people” and we look forward to seeing new faces!

What to expect

During our Friends and Family Week, they will be working out in group classes that are fun, in an environment that is motivating and most importantly, inviting for all fitness levels. We will guide each person through CrossFit fundamentals, get their body prepared for the Workout of the Day (WOD) and ensure proper technique is being utilized throughout the workout.


Chances are they have heard nutrition is the foundation of good health and exercise is an essential part of the puzzle. This is absolutely true and why we will be enrolling each person in our “Holistic Approach to Fitness” video series. This video series was designed to teach individuals about nutrition basics and provide you with foundational information necessary to continue to improve your wellness.


Our coaches are very well educated and have years of coaching experience in both, group classes and in personal training. They will provide them with technical support regarding proper movement, scaling options for pre-existing limitations and impingements or, when necessary, volume control for those who have little experience with exercise. For example, not everyone will be able to do a Push Up, run a mile or deadlift a barbell. And that is ok. Our coaches will offer modifications and scaling options to each individual who needs it. In contrast, we will crank up the intensity for those that are experienced with training and want that extra challenge. Our program is easily adjustable for all fitness levels.


Why would we offer all this for for free? We are convinced after the trial, most people will have enjoyed their experience so much that they will want to join our family. Most people will receive fundamental coaching that will change the way they approach workouts and movements. They will experience success and foresee life changing results. In this, we are confident. What if you decide not to continue? We will be happy you gave us a try and you will leave with fitness and nutrition knowledge that will serve you for a lifetime.

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