At Resolution Fitness @ Work, we believe that workplace fitness goes far beyond getting in shape and eating better. It comes down to one simple resolution: You Will. You Can. Fitness @ Work brings a new dynamic energy that impacts the whole person, from improved workplace productivity, team building and clarity to a sense of personal growth, self-confidence and personal happiness.

Our program is designed to impact your bottom line. Beyond the intangible benefits of higher employee satisfaction, employers have an opportunity to decrease health care expenses, including diabetes, smoking, obesity and high blood pressure, by identifying high-risk or sedentary employees and encouraging them to improve their lifestyles. Among our most engaged clients, we’ve seen a decrease in workers’ compensation claims and workplace injuries, and an uptick in employee productivity.

We offer a variety of programs to best fit your needs, including:

  • On-site, structured programs led by certified coaches
  • Specialized medical fitness programs
  • Personal training programs
  • On-site gym facility set-up and consultation
  • Nutrition coaching and group nutrition programs
  • Health & body composition screening by our medical practitioner
  • Program launch and on-going health and fitness communications
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Here are some examples of how this can work for you:

  1. Team: With decades of experience, degrees, and awards in their arsenal - not to mention an over abundance of compassion and drive – our coaches are going to teach and guide employees to a more fit lifestyle. Our coaches work with hundreds of participants on a weekly basis and understand the sensitivities of a diverse employee population and workplace and lifestyle demands.
  2. Workplace: We get started by gaining a common understanding of your goals, as a company, and assess your employees. After we design the core program, we can help outfit your on-site facility, provide start-up kits, and continue with on-going communication as a resource for each employee’s individual fitness journey.
  3. Engagement: Employers are realizing there is a significant link between prevention and investing in the health of their staff. Employers want to ensure high participation rates to reap the tangible and intangible benefits. At Resolution Crossfit, we have a 91% participation rate for those that stay involved for a minimum of one month, and our average member lifetime is five years.
  4. Structure: Through a consistent and tailored program, we provide employees with the highest likelihood of decreasing body fat, lowering blood pressure, developing consistently high energy levels, better sleep, improved cardiorespiratory endurance, improving flexibility, increased strength and developing better stamina. Studies show that for every dollar spent on preventive health programs, a company can save as much as $6 in insurance costs. We provide engagement metrics, health analytics and fitness scores as a way to measure success.
  5. Convenience: Programs are designed to take place in an on-site gym and at times that are convenient for the most number of employees. After our initial employee assessment, we will establish a structured fitness program that is inclusive to all individuals and workplace settings. We also offer 1:1 personal training, online health and nutritional assessments, and pre- and post-class communications to keep things flexible and engaging.


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