A One Of A Kind On Boarding Process: Resolution CrossFit Fundamentals Program

Our fundamentals program is designed to introduce athletes to the mechanics, consistency and intensity they will experience within our program. We will conver the 9 Fundamental Movements, nutrition, goals and expectations, along with so much more! This document acts as a lesson plan and timeline for our On-Boarding process!

No school, no problem!

In today’s workout we are implementing some tools most people will have around the house. Warm up 2x 10 tall plank shoulder tap 10 broad jumps 20 jumping jacks 2x 30′ high knees 30′ butt kickers 30′ side shuffle Workout 13-16 yrs old: 3 rounds 30 Step ups or box jumps, 20″ 15 Front Squat […]

At Home WOD Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Warm Up: 2x 6 Sampson Stretch to Knee Tucks, ea leg 6 Reverse Twisted Cross, ea side, 10-15sec hold 50 Jumping Jacks 20 Knee Tuck Sit-Ups 10-15 reps of ea exercise AMRAP in 20min of: 50 Double-Unders 40 Russian Twists 30 Lunge Steps, 15ea leg 20 V-Ups Goal: 5+ rounds Alternate movements options: Double unders […]

At Home WOD Monday, March 16, 2020

In an effort to work with each individual during this time, we will be sending via email, “home based workouts” this can be done with little to no equipment. If you need any modifications or scaling options, please feel free to reach out to us so we can help you out. If you have any […]

Why are group fitness classes so effective?

Group fitness classes and programs develop strong communities of likeminded individuals and facilitate an environment that encourages healthy lifestyles. Community A community of individuals, in group fitness class settings, are special and unique, although there is diversity in age, gender, orientation, fitness levels, etc. there is a common goal of health and fitness. There is […]

Why Squatting Is A Thing!

The squat is essential to your well-being. The squat can both greatly improve your athleticism and keep your hips, back, and knees sound and functioning in your senior years.

Here are 8 tips on how to choose the right CrossFit/small box gym for you!

Here are 8 tips on how to choose the right CrossFit/small box gym for you: 1. Ask around. The first step to finding a great gym is to simply ask the opinions of your trustee family and friends. A recommendation from someone you trust is a great way to identify a highly skilled, helpful coaching […]

Why a proper warm up is necessary!

It is imperative to optimize your time in the gym, for the best results, a proper warm is necessary for a quality workout! The hour starts with getting an adequate warm-up. A proper warmup will increase your body temperature and heart rate so that your muscles are well supplied with oxygen, this also improves muscle […]

Travel and at home workouts you don’t need equipment to do!

Getting and maintaining fitness is all about consistency. Whether it be your nutrition, exercise or sleep, the more you stay focused and in a routine the better chance you have for success. To make this a little easier, here are three different types of workouts you can do anywhere: Tabata workouts – Four minute workouts […]

How to lose body fat?

The only answer is to be in a caloric deficit. There are many diets and eating programs out there, but if you are losing fat it is because you are in a caloric deficit and that is the only reason. There are different methods to being in a deficit using intermittent fasting, Paleo, Keto, Vegan, […]

Fats need to be consumed furthest away from your workout time, as seen in your templates.

This article summarizes (Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats) tons and tons of scientific evidence to back. They are all based on the Scientific Principles for gaining lean muscle tissue and losing fat. In order to discuss Macros we must also recognize a nutrient: Fiber. It’s role in the body and with digestion is worth mentioning as […]

Protein – the most important macronutrient for muscle gain and retention

All calories in your diet come from only three macronutrients: Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats, each macronutrient (macro) plays a different role in your body. Previously we discussed carbohydrates, next will focus on fat. The Law of Thermodynamics – you consume excess calories you gain weight: you consume less calories you lose weight. This simple Law […]

Carbohydrates – the fuel for your body

Carbohydrates – the fuel for your body – if your protein is the car, carbohydrates are the gasoline. Carbs provide energy and during high intensity exercise the primary source of energy is glycogen (stored form of carb). In order to maintain a high intensity in workouts you must have enough glycogen stores to fuel your […]

What are functional movements and why are they superior.

There are movements that mimic motor recruitment patterns that are found in everyday life. Others are somewhat unique to the gym. Squatting is standing from a seated position; dead-lifting is picking any object off the ground. They are both functional movements. Leg extension and leg curl both have no equivalent in nature and are in […]

5 nutrition habits for more strength and muscle

Habits are the most important factor when building strength. Sure, the right programming is incredibly important if you want achieve your goals, but it’s the combination of proper training, nutrition and recovery that will provide the greatest stimulus for gains. You need ritual and routine to drive the daily effort and progress. If you’d like […]

We are here for you, for the long haul!

Our core values and mission are in place to make Resolution CrossFit a home for each member, for the value of our service to supersede expectation and for individual experiences to be top notch, for YOU to be completely satisfied. Our growth is calculated to put us in a position to provide a quality experience […]

What is Fitness

Here is the link to the CrossFit Journal article What is Fitness

Our guidelines to living a healthy and fit life!

Here are a few guidelines we feel can help live a healthier and more fit life. This is a good list. Tried and true stuff on here: 1. Get more quality sleep: Bad sleep is probably the most difficult habit to shake and can easily have the biggest effect on weight loss. The more you […]

[no equipment needed] Workouts you can do anywhere!

The next time you need to get a WOD in and you don’t have equipment, try one of these workouts. These workouts are simple, scaleable and can be done anywhere. There’s no equipment needed so you can do it in your living room, hotel or at your local gym. It won’t be as awesome as […]

4 Fat Loss Tricks You Can Do Right Now

Right now, you might be researching ways to build more lean muscle or how to lose that extra weight you’re carrying around the middle. To help you out, here are 4 of our favorite fat loss tricks you can start doing right now. And remember, you’re always welcome to come into Resolution CrossFit for a […]

3 Easy tips for gaining muscle

In the spirit of maximal muscle gains for all, we want you to understand that there are 3 fundamental lessons that we believe you have to master before you can get optimal results.  If gaining more muscle is something you’re interested in, keep reading the article below.  And remember, you’re always welcome to come into […]

Turducken 5k Trot

Thank you so much to everyone who made it out this morning! This year’s Turducken 5k was the best turn out thus far, we had the privilege of hanging out with 130 of you and we are so blessed. We are thankful for each and everyone of you, the ability to put on this event […]

Annual Turducken 5k Trout

Happy Thanksgiving . Annual Turducken 5k Trot! . Please arrive at 7:30am to check into your heat, get the debrief for the workout, warm-up and take a group picture. . We have over 120 people signed up for this event so we need everyone on time. Let’s make this the best Turducken yet. We are […]

Motivation Monday

It’s Monday. Let the gains begin. Stop running away from success.

Save the date!!!

Saturday, December 16th we will be hosting our Annual Resolution CrossFit Holiday Party. . EVENT DETAILS COMING SOON! As a heads up, the party location is back at RCF by popular demand. . This is a member appreciation party, for members and their significant other only. No kids allowed.

Member Recognition Wednesday

Welcome the newest Lomakin into the world!! Congratulations to Timmy D and his family! Tim is as hardworking as they come. You always know when it’s a heavy lifting day at RCF when Tim is there, grunting, PRing and encouraging everyone. We are lucky to have Tim as a member and friend at RCF. His […]

FREE bag of Progenex Recovery Peanut Butter Smash!

Starting tomorrow, Friday September 29-Thursday October 5 when you buy any Progenex product of $25 or more, your name will be entered into a drawing. Drawing is on Friday October 6. Your name can be entered multiple times.

Member recognition

Member recognition day: Wednesday Member recognition! . Today we would like to give a big high five to this awesome lady. Gina is a 5am go hard. Gina has a full time career in education, two super cool kids and a awesome husband. With all that goes along with her life she makes it a […]

Member Spotlight

This week’s member spotlight goes out to Nikki Rainwater! Nikki’s dedication the her health and fitness is inspiring. She has an amazing toddler and a set of beautiful baby twins. Nikki has made it a priority in her life to be healthy so she can be an amazing wife and Mom. Her daughters will grow […]

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday! . Eat clean + train with a purpose = jacked n tan. . Disclaimer: tan not guaranteed ?.

Friday Finisher

Friday Finisher! . Super pumped to feature this guy. Todd wakes up at 2:00am everyday to head to work and still makes it into the gym consistently. Todd thank you for being a huge part of our community, being our friend and for befriending some many. Todd also makes an effort to attend all our […]


MEMBER RECOGNITION WEDNESDAY . Today we like to take a moment to recognize Michelle Miller and all her amazing accomplishments in and out of the gym. Michelle regularly attends the Group CrossFit classes, Gymnastics class and Barbell class. Not only does she work hard day in, day out but she has made some impressive changes […]

Motivation Monday’s

Motivation Monday! Three Amigos Team Competition. Find your team and work towards becoming a better you.

Friday Finisher

FINISHER FRIDAY’S . Big shoutout to Suzy Metcalf for ALWAYS putting in a solid effort. Suzy frequently puts in extra work at the gym, she consistently making better nutrition choices and recently completed in the Femme Royale. Suzy we are so very proud of all the progress you have made and inspired by your healthier […]

Thursday Announcement!

Thursday Announcement! . We have a few coaches and athletes competing in the Three Amigos Team Competition this weekend out at: . Prado Regional Park Chino CA 91708 . Come support our Coaches and Athletes. Events start at 8:30am!!!

Member Recognition Wednesday

Member recognition Wednesday. Today we would like to give a huge congrats to Ashley Hernandez. Ashley was hesitant to start doing CrossFit at first but she quickly fell in love. Now Ashley has been with us for about 6 years and has become a true friend. The Hernandez’s recently had a beautiful baby girl. Ashley […]

Motivation Monday

The motivation is strong on this Labor Day. 71 people over 3 classes. Start your week off right by giving yourself an opportunity to better your mind and body.

Friday Finisher: Edgar Carrillo

Finisher Friday goes out to Edgar Carrillo. Edgar has been a huge part of our family since the early days, July 2011. He has made some pretty amazing changes to better his health. Congrats on all your efforts to become a better you.

Motivation Monday

It’s Monday! Get in, work hard, get the week started right.

Friday Finisher! Marc Moreno

Quick shoutout to Marc Moreno for making it into the gym the past 5 days in a row, attending a accessory class and doing a PT session with Coach Collin this week! All your hard work and dedication is not only paying off but it’s inspiring to watch. Keep crushing being more human.

Myrna Caballero

On this Wednesday we, the Resolution CrossFit Coaches, wanted to take a moment to recognize Myrna Caballero for all her outstanding effort, positive attitude and for just being an all around awesome person. We are are super proud of all you have accomplished and can’t wait to watch you continue to grow. We are the […]


All calories in your diet come from only three macronutrients: Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats, each macronutrient (macro) plays a different role in your body. Protein is the focus of today’s email. Next will focus on carbohydrates and fat.   We have learned about the simple Law of Thermodynamics – you consume excess calories you gain […]


Carbohydrates – the fuel for your body – if your protein is the car, carbohydrates are the gasoline. Carbs provide energy and during high intensity exercise the primary source of energy is glycogen (stored form of carb). In order to maintain a high intensity in workouts you must have enough glycogen stores to fuel your […]

Beach Body Challenge

Beach Body Challenge   When: Session 1: April 3-May 7 (Rebound 1 week – May 8-14) May 15-June 18   Cost: $50 – Please confirm you are in so I can keep you updated and added into our community facebook page/email list!   What you get: Private Community Facebook Group, 11 weeks of accessory WODs […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Try Resolution CrossFit   Results Resolution CrossFit classes are structured to get you moving and keep you moving so you can maximize your time spent in the gym from warm-up to workout to cooldown all while be coached and supervised to ensure success. Our programming utilizes High Intensity Interval Training […]

Resolution CrossFit Nutrition Program 2017

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION 30-DAY CHALLENGE POWERED BY: RESOLUTION CROSSFIT! Who: This is for anyone looking to kick start 2017 with a bang of good health and proper nutrition! What: 30-Day Nutrition Challenge: Learn how to fuel your body with proper macronutrients, by eating delicious whole foods! This journey is designed to restart your metabolism and […]

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Partners alternate whole rounds for time and complete five rounds each of:
250 meter row
15 burpees
20 unbroken wall balls
Run 200 Meters (Partner A completes 250 meters, 15 Burpees, 20 Wall balls and a 200 meter run while Partner B rests; Partner B starts on the row as soon as Partner A completes the 200 meter run.)

Making the most of your time at Resolution CrossFit

Trust us. We understand busy schedules. In fact, many of the members we have here at Resolution CrossFit initially joined because they needed a more efficient workout that didn’t require them to be in the gym for hours at a time. That’s why we’ve put together this list of ways you can make your time at […]


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