Beach Body Challenge

April 3, 2017

Beach Body Challenge


When: Session 1: April 3-May 7

(Rebound 1 week – May 8-14)

May 15-June 18


Cost: $50 – Please confirm you are in so I can keep you updated and added into our community facebook page/email list!


What you get: Private Community Facebook Group, 11 weeks of accessory WODs (strength or conditioning – sent every Sunday night for the following week), Nutritional support and email access for private questions and weekly check-ins for accountability.


What you need?: RP templates, can be purchase on, use coupon code: rp10 for $10 off:


This will explain every detail you will need during the process as far as templates go.


On days you train accessory and WOD back to back, eat for a moderate training day and on days you only do CrossFit, eat for a light training day. Start on BASE and do not move to a cut for 2-3 weeks, give your body time to respond and TRUST THE PROCESS!


A couple of common questions answered:


  1. Weigh Meat cooked
  2. Use Net Carbs to count carb macro (Total Carbohydrates – Fiber)
  3. Do not count Trace macros – meaning Lean Protein is only counted as protein, Healthy Carbs as carbs and Healthy Fat as Fat
    1. EXAMPLE: Chicken has 2g of Fat, but you only count the protein because the Fat is just a trace (small) amount. Rice has a little protein, but it is such a small amount you are only counting Rice as a carb. Think of life is like a BENTO BOX – Protein – Carbs –Fat – Veggies each in their own container and counted for in their macro group. Remember this is only if there are trace amounts so read your labels!


Check-Ins: Every Saturday


*Body Weight

*Measurements: Chest (broadest part), Waist (Belly Button), Hips (broadest part of butt), Thigh (6” above top of knee cap), Bicep (largest part)

*Pictures: Only need these on Day 1 and May 15 and June 18




Renaissance E-Book: The expert guide J


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