4 Fat Loss Tricks You Can Do Right Now

August 20, 2019

Right now, you might be researching ways to build more lean muscle or how to lose that extra weight you’re carrying around the middle. To help you out, here are 4 of our favorite fat loss tricks you can start doing right now. And remember, you’re always welcome to come into Resolution CrossFit for a FREE intro session. Click here for more info.

1) Limit your sodium intake: Reducing the amount of salt you consume will make a significant and immediate impact on your midsection. Sodium is a big cause of water retention in the abdominal region and can make you feel and appear softer than you really are.

2) Say “no” to dough: Reducing your simple carb intake will also make a pretty immediate impact on your abdominal region by causing your body to start losing that extra water weight. Replace those doughy carbs with sweet potatoes, and increase the protein and fat intake to keep from feeling “fuzzy” as your body adjusts.

3) Stop jogging: There are many more efficient (and more fun) ways to reduce your body fat than by slogging around the neighborhood. We might be a little bias, but we suggest giving Resolution CrossFit a try. We have a good feeling you’ll love it.

4) Drink more water: Drinking more water will actually reduce your body’s extra water weight while keeping your muscles nice and lubricated to take on the day. Hunger is also often mistaken for thirst which means keeping hydrated is also a great way to curb that nasty snacking habit.

We hope these tips have inspired you to keep going strong on your journey to living a fit lifestyle!


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