3 Easy tips for gaining muscle

August 14, 2019

In the spirit of maximal muscle gains for all, we want you to understand that there are 3 fundamental lessons that we believe you have to master before you can get optimal results. 

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1. SLEEP: I know, free and symptom free steroids would be ideal.  That would be a short-cut to getting really strong and adding tons of muscle mass.  But guess what else is just as important?  Sleep. 

We suggest you start with 8 hours per night as a goal.  Enforce a set bedtime ritual.  Add 1 hour of sleep for every tough training session (Crushing a double session? Sleep for 10 hours). 

2. FIND SOME SUPPORT:  You can exercise and mobilize alone till the cows come home.  That’s fine.  But “training” properly requires more.  You need a team.  People to push your past your boundaries, and love on you so that you can recover fully.  Inspiration and stimulus are everything.  When the heat is on, you will succeed. 

3. NUTRITION: Eat to fuel your body.  The secret to gaining and losing, all while staying brutally strong lies in what you eat. 

Realize that the only way to get brutally strong is to let go of the six-pack fixation.  Instead, stick some great food in your mouth!  Find creative ways of sneaking high quality calories in.  Keep a nice balance between macro-nutrients and increase the carbohydrates by a few servings on days you train hard.  A nice target for tough days might be 3-4 grams per kilogram of bodyweight. 

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